To make a good CV it is highly recommended to have clear the structure to be used, for which it can be very useful to have a Curriculum Vitae template adapted to the needs of each one. Usually, the most used models are the chronological, functional, combined or mixed curriculum. If you are not sure which one is best for you, then we tell you everything you need to know about each of them, so you can select the one that best suits your current needs.

  • Template of chronological curriculum vitae.
    If you still do not have very clear how to make a resume, you should know that this is the template of curriculum vitae is the most used. Its great advantages are simplicity and clarity because in it the information is presented chronologically, generally starting with the oldest data until reaching the most recent. It is comfortable both to write it -because it is not necessary to invest time in thinking about a good design or an adequate disposition to show the information-, and also for the person who is going to read it – because the organization of the data makes it impossible to get lost between the training and experience-. The great disadvantage of this CV template is that it can leave you in evidence in case you have long periods of inactivity or similar cases,

    Functional curriculum vitae template. 
    In this CV model, the data is organized by subject, which leaves much more space for creativity and all kinds of original designs, something very interesting especially for candidates for jobs as graphic designers or similar. It is also very interesting to disguise lack of experience or times of unemployment because the contents can be shown in the sections that are more convenient, which allows highlighting the points you want.

    Template of combined or mixed curriculum vitae.
    If someone is not clear on how to make a resume in a simple and beneficial way, the option of the combined CV can be very interesting, because it combines the advantages of the two previous models. Of course, it is important to remember that not all companies admit any type of curriculum, so it is essential to previously know which one or which ones are admitted by each company, so as not to waste time and effort using an invalid curriculum vitae template.

Choosing one of these models of CV templates does not mean that we have opted for the best for any type of job or situation, but depending on the time and job expectations, it is highly recommended to re-evaluate which is the most appropriate.


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