How to Become Expert in Something

No matter what sector or area you devote yourself to, you can become an expert if you want to. Achieve excellence and be the architect of your own destiny with these tips.


Tips to be an expert

Maybe I can seem a little arrogant but it is possible to become an expert in something. The genius that you have inside is not only born with you but also has much to learn.

What do Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have in common (apart from being geniuses)? That they achieved excellence in the area they were dedicated to! Success is within everyone\’s reach, and for this, it is necessary to be disciplined, patient and follow a series of steps.

9 tips to become an expert in whatever you want

In his book \”Mastery\”, Robert Greene offers some tips to master what you want. Would you like to know which ones are they? Pay a lot of attention:

  1. Find your mission: People often have very intense feelings in relation to what they dominate. But that sometimes causes problems and drives them away from other people. Trust yourself and your abilities, improve your self-esteem, do not want to cover everything, but only specialize in one portion at a time. If you find your ideal job, you will not have to work a single day of your life. Look for what you are passionate about, it fills you with joy and can serve you in the future!

\”One of the problems of education is that we are all taught the same way no matter what we like, they educate us as dependents and exactly the same, but as adults, we can look for ideal learning.\”

  1. Find the niche to be an expert: It isn\’t enough to determine the area to which you will dedicate yourself, it will also be very useful for you to find a niche or subsection where to be an expert. This means, where others have not investigated or submerged. Probably in your sector, there are many specialized? Look for that edge where there is no one who stands out!
  2. Use anger as motivation: You must rebel against the wrong path. That is to say, do not be blinded by the money, fame, success or acceptance of others. If there is something that infuriates you, do whatever it takes to change it. Do not feel pressured and if so, take advantage of that feeling to do what you want.
  3. Love the basics: To be an expert in something you first have to specialize in a smaller aspect. Think about what things you loved or paralyzed you when you were a child. It was not a whim or a small passenger, but a message about what you should be doing today.
  4. Do not be dependent on learning: One of the problems of current education is that all children are taught in the same way no matter what they like, what they are capable of, what they dislike or what they do not have the ability to do. That is to say that from small we cut the wings and the possibilities of becoming experts in certain areas. They educate us as dependents and all of them are exactly the same.

The good news is that as adults we can reverse the situation. How? Searching and finding the ideal learning. It can be a distance course, a subscription to a magazine in your sector, reading specific books, going to the library, listening to interviews and a long etcetera. Do not forget that experience, and above all, exploration, are responsible for you being able to master what you want.

  1. Practice a lot: Deep observation, daily practice, and experimentation in the right place and time are the key. It is not to impress anyone or to show that you are capable of anything; practice and repeat things over and over again, that\’s the only way the brain holds information. Neurons get used to a specific movement, so you never forget to ride a bicycle once you have learned and practiced coordination. Experiment to be able to test all your theories or translate into facts what you have read in words.
  2. Value learning: To become an expert you do not have to think about the money you can get, but on the information baggage that you will store. In addition, to train and learn you need a job that allows you to advance or give you free time to study or do fieldwork. Do not stay in a position where they pay you a lot but restrict your chances of developing. On the other hand, do not become a slave to the opinions of others, strive for yourself.
  3. Be humble: Maintain a feeling of inferiority even if you are exposing in the most important event of your sector or they summon you for being an expert in a particular subject. That is to say, that fame does not cloud you. Do not have a superior position of \”specialist\”, get involved more with the project but as an equal. Keep in mind that you have limitations, restrictions and that you did not know so much before. It is also not good that you treat others as inferior or uneducated. Put aside prejudices and feelings of superiority.

\”It is not enough to determine the area to which you will dedicate yourself, it will also be very useful for you to find a niche or subsection where to be an expert.\”

  1. Trust the trial and error: Surely you will be wrong more times than you hit. Fail the times that are necessary to be able to surpass yourself. Do not compare yourself with others, seek to learn all the time, experiment and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

There is no doubt that you can be an expert in whatever you want. For this, certain capacities are required, but also some habits or attitudes in front of the topics to be addressed.

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