How to Awaken the Mind

Learn to be smarter, mentally agile and awake, with simple changes in your daily activities.


Techniques to Awaken the Mind

Surely you know that to wake up the mind, to be smarter and sagacious, it is essential to eat healthily, avoid sugars and processed foods, as well as abuses of any kind. You should also practice exercises and oxygenate every cell of your body, as it helps you to have more energy, both physical and intellectual.

But the battle against metal lethargy does not end there: there are many simple changes you can make in your day-to-day, easy-to-implement everyday actions that will help you wake up the brain, be smarter, and have much more focus and assertiveness in whatever you do

Pencil and paper in hand

One of the best and most efficient ways to fix the concepts learned is to write them down on a piece of paper. Although doing it on the computer (or with other digital or electronic means) is also useful, the truth is that writing in your own hand helps you to concentrate more on the task, to remember it better, and to have more clarity in the thoughts.

One of the simple actions that you can do to have a better focus, to clarify your thoughts and find solutions sooner, is to take brief notes of what you are thinking throughout the day. You can have a little notebook and take it with you wherever you go. Whenever a thought crosses your mind, or inspiration arises, write it down. At the end of the day, read what you have written and you can better remember everything you have learned.

\”Reading is a great tool to awaken the mind, stimulate the imagination, and acquire new knowledge.\”

With the same mechanics, make lists of the things that you have to do, of what you have already done, and of the topics on which you are thinking about the day. Soon you will make a habit of writing your thoughts, and this also helps you to awaken the mind, unloading part of the weight that you put in your brain for so many concepts, and make it work lighter and efficient.

Awaken the mind with reading

Surely you have met someone (or you are one of them) who says that \”reading is not your thing\”. But it is a great tool (and completely free) to awaken the mind, stimulate the imagination, and acquire new knowledge. Being aware of current events reading the newspaper makes you have more enriching conversations and, when you acquire the habit of reading what happens (and you are soaked in those matters), you can go relating events and concepts with more agility.

It\’s not just about being smarter today: stimulating your cognition also helps you prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer\’s disease, makes you stronger against anxiety and depression, and leaves you with a beneficial feeling of greater security in you. Not to mention that thinking more agile allows you to make better life plans, find solutions to your problems in less time, and feel more active and valuable than ever before.

And not only has the newspaper helped you: any reading makes you work your mind. Read everything you have in hand, at any time, and you will notice the difference. In addition, you have the technology at your disposal: Internet, download books on your mobile or on your tablet will save you space in your wallet, expand your options, and give you instant access to the world.

Surround yourself with intelligence

This is another simple key that you can implement from today, virtually free of costs, and that will help you to awaken the mind: surround yourself with intelligence. Be more efficient with your online time: instead of visiting sites with funny videos, try to read good tips that give you knowledge (as you are doing right now!). Leave the empty zapping on TV and watch programs of general culture, also while doing your chores, as \”background noise\” that will give you new concepts without you noticing.

\”Thinking more agilely allows you to make better life plans, find solutions to your problems in less time, and feel more active and valuable.\”

Instead of meeting with your friends and talking about the same old memories as always, propose a current topic of conversation that stimulates healthy debate or, better yet: a session of games that awaken your cognitive processes, such as Scrabble, riddles, the \”dialogue with mimicry\”, chess or any game of cards, acting or board that makes your brain work .

They are simple actions, so much so that you will not notice their enormous power. But once you apply them you will see that your mind will be more awake, which will give you better concentration, more agility in your thoughts, and you will be smarter every day, for the rest of your life!

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