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Tips for Loving the Work

We do not always have the possibility to get the job of our dreams, but that is not a reason not to be happy all


9 Useful Gestures for Public Speaking

Sometimes, the image communicates more than our words. Learn some very useful gestures to use in your next exhibition, in classes or during an important speech.


How to be a Good Employee

Just as you would like to have a good boss, they expect you to be good as an employee. Discover some features that you must meet.


How to learn to be independent

Finally, the day has come when you must walk through life making your own decisions and responsibilities. Calm, it is a state of constant learning, and


How to Stop Hating Your Work

Many people hate their work, a syndrome that is well known and studied by experts in psychology. Here we tell you how to avoid it. Is


Difficult questions in job interviews

These are some of the most frequent difficult questions you can ask in job interviews. Review them and elaborate your personalized response. How to handle difficult


How to Awaken the Mind

Learn to be smarter, mentally agile and awake, with simple changes in your daily activities. Techniques to Awaken the Mind Surely you know that to wake


How to Answer Questions in an Exhibition

Are you one of those who have some difficulty answering questions in public, after some presentation or when answering your exams? Then keep these tips in


3 Rules to Be More Efficient in the Workplace

Optimizing time and making the most of it seems to be the key to success, but what are the efficiency rules at work that allow


Tips for Finding Motivation

If you are discouraged lately, if you lack strength and everything costs twice as much time as before, then you need to recover your motivation. How? Learn


How to Write Professional Letters

While e-mail is currently used, it is good to know how to write professional letters. Learn all the steps in this note How to Write Professional


How to make a CURRICULUM VITAE – perfect CV

If you are lost and you do not know how to do perfect curriculum vitae, after reading our keys you will get a CV that