How to make a CURRICULUM VITAE – perfect CV


If you are lost and you do not know how to do perfect curriculum vitae, after reading our keys you will get a CV that will open many doors when looking for work. These 5 tips that we are going to give you are fundamental to be able to get through the first phase of the selection process and have the possibility of being called to carry out a job interview
– Personal data: You must put all your data accurate and ordered. It is good that you put them in the right place so that the selectors read your main data in the first quick reading of the curriculum vitae. It is also good that you pay attention to the different strategic positions of the CV in which you must include the information, with this you will be able to facilitate the work to the coach. A good example is to place the name next to the photograph, so you can be quickly identified.
-Studies: You will have to write all your training chronologically, that is, the most recent qualification will always be in first place. In this section, it is also good to add any training course that has been done, either from languages or from any other field.
-Skills and competencies: When considering how to make a perfect CV we must take into account if we have work experience, since you will not only have to put the jobs that you have gone through, but also you will have to add everything you have done in your different jobs; On the contrary, if you do not have experience, you will have to write all the environments in which you are able to work. But you have to be careful with what you include, the main thing is that you should never lie, that is, if your level of English is basic you should not say that it is high. And in case you know confidential information of the companies for which you have worked, you cannot share it either, first of all, you must show that you are a true professional.
-Recommendations: your abilities and aptitudes to achieve different goals are always good, but it is better than they are accompanied by an important reference. Therefore, if you want to make a perfect CV, it is essential to include a recommendation letter attached. Thanks to the opinions of your bosses the selector will give more value to your CV. If you have not yet had work experience, you do not have to worry, this section will be written with letters of recommendation from prestigious professors who attest that you are qualified for that position.
-Photography: Last but not least, one last piece of advice on how to make a perfect CV is to always include an image with which you can be identified. The photograph must be of a suitable size for the curriculum vitae, it should be observed correctly so you will have to avoid being pixilated. Never include a photograph in different social environments that can give an inadequate image of you, that is, you should avoid that the photograph is of a party, on the beach … Ideally, with a white background, go out alone and in front.
These 5 tips are essential for your CV to be presentable, but you must also take into account other aspects so that your curriculum vitae is really perfect. For example, you have to pay attention to the structure of the CV, always use a simple and clear design for different types of job offers, you must choose the one that takes more of your skills.
First of all, it is very important that you avoid any lack of spelling, you should carefully review everything you have written. Any selector reads the CV several times, and at the moment in which a misspelling is detected, you will be losing many points.
Another good advice is that you have to write always in positive, favoring all your skills. Never put what you do not know how to do since it will generate a negative sensation. In this same line, you should avoid writing everything that is unnecessary, so the synthesis is very important. With the CV we seek to attract the attention of the person who will select us for the job, so we should not include data that divert attention from it, because it could discard your curriculum vitae.
If you follow these 5 recommendations on how to make a perfect CV and your profile is adjusted to that required by the company, you will have many chances to be called to perform a job interview, in which you will have the opportunity to explain in more detail all aspects related to your training and professional experience.

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