How to learn to be independent

Finally, the day has come when you must walk through life making your own decisions and responsibilities. Calm, it is a state of constant learning, and of personal growth like never before.


Independence begins with learning, whether it is the learning of new techniques, newer ones, more practical ones or more of ours, or learning new ideas, so that we can apply them to our rhythm and taste, and thus be self-sufficient and use ourselves.

Independence is the opportune moment for all these learnings. When we leave the maternal or paternal home and open ourselves to live with our own engines, the world around us seems a little different, perhaps a little more terrifying, but always a little more ours.

Those who have lived in student residences, either in organizations or friends\’ unions, the financial support usually remains in charge of the parents. It is great training for future life, although it enjoys many comforts. But when we achieve economic independence, to make use of our own actions and work, we must learn to develop everything ourselves, with attentive ears to the experienced advice of parents, neighbors, and friends who have gone through the same experiences.

When it comes to housework, there is no \”doing\” to learn. You must submit to the work firmly, and carry it out even if you have never done it before. In this way, you will make some mistakes or, perhaps, the result will not be optimal at first, which indicates that you can continue the practice and improve, every day a little more until it is your turn to advise others.

Do not forget that those who consult are not ignorant, but wise. Learning to listen to advice, to value it and to take from it what is useful to us in our own ideology, is always the most useful tool. Do not be afraid to ask how something is done, and never hesitate to \”ask\” the same object. We refer to the instruction manuals and the indicative signals, which we have so much rejected before. The moment of independence is indicated to begin reading labels, manuals, posters, and recommendations, to follow them as provided by the manufacturer of the object, and then adapt it -with time and practice- to our comfort.

It is important that you do not get discouraged by a bad result. Perhaps the first time you clean the floor of your new home (from your first home, your own) is not wonderful, but certainly, with practice, you will make it shine, even if you had never done it before. Remember that practice makes the teacher, and this is the ideal case to give real form to this ideology.

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