Formal dress for a job interview

Choosing a formal dress for a job interview can add even more nervousness to the moment, so it is better to have it clear beforehand and that the selection does not present setbacks.


How to dress formally for a job interview if you are female

When you attend a meeting or job interview, it is very important that you focus on your appearance; she will say a lot about you and it is essential that your listeners take you seriously. You must show seriousness and, at the same time, impose respect. However, this is not only achieved with the strength of your words, but also with your clothes.

How to dress formally for an interview if you are a woman

For a job interview, women should wear sober colors. We recommend light colored dresses, and heels with no more than five or seven centimeters high. Even so, it is acceptable to wear dress pants and jackets with small pockets on the sides.

Regarding the hairstyle, it is recommended that the hair is collected if it is long, or loose, as long as the hair extension does not exceed the shoulders.

The makeup should be discreet, with toasted and brown colors, or very soft pastels. The pink lips, giving a fresh and natural appearance.

How to dress formally for an interview if you are male

For men who must attend a job interview, the choice of clothing is not so easy, since it is not only about wearing dark colors on clothes. Other is to say that the neck of the shirt must be perfectly ironed and you can make use of colors such as light blue, pink or green.

The suit can be worn with or without a jacket and can have stripes. Keep in mind that only the first button is used, and if it was hot and you wanted to roll up your shirt, you should only do it up to the elbow. A vest can also be added in the case of colder climates.

The tie must match perfectly and not be flashy, while the shoes must be black or brown, very well polished, as it will look bad if the previous day\’s ground is easily seen. The stockings or socks should be dark and appropriate footwear.

Finally, the hair of men must be well cut and combed neatly, without the use of gels or other products being mandatory. If you sit down, you should slightly raise your pants upwards to achieve greater comfort.

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