How to make my first curriculum vitae


Having a good CV is the first step to a successful job search, and it is vital to adapt it to the personal conditions of each one, since it is not the same to do a CV with experience than without experience, if you are a student or not, if you are overqualified … Another very important factor is to personalize the curriculum according to the company we are going to present it to, as it is a very common mistake to write a single one, and deliver it in companies with completely different interests and purposes. In this way, we will be offering an excess of information about our training or skills, which will not be interesting in any way for any company, and therefore we will no longer have a concise or reduced CV, two of the most valued details in them.

The first thing you should know before writing is that there are several types of curriculum models and that you should choose the one that best suits your needs. The chronological model is the most used, although you should consider whether to use it in case you do not have experience or have long periods of inactivity. In these cases, the mixed or functional will be better allies, helping you to highlight your skills or any of your strengths.

In addition to talking about your training and experience, It is recommended that you talk about your skills, and that you add any type of information that may be of interest, such as having lived abroad, mastering a language other than the native, having made an Erasmus or been a participant in some type of scholarship … Anything that can help tip the balance in your favor, will be welcome.

It is important that you become familiar with the concept \”personal brand” because when choosing a job, you should not only have a profile that matches the one that the company is looking for, but you will also have to compete with the other candidates, and for that it will be very useful to learn to differentiate yourself, to sell yourself from the same way that any company of reputation sells its products using advertising strategies. Reflect on your strengths, think about what people value in you, what are the virtues that have made you move forward, and turn everything into your personal brand and expose it with determination and security both in your resume and in future job interviews. Convince the company that you are the right candidate by providing arguments that ratify it without leaving any room for doubt.

In addition to the content of the text that you include in your CV, pay attention to the spelling and grammar. It does not matter if you are the most suitable if you present a résumé full of misspellings or messy and incoherent. Invest time in getting it to be concise, neat and tidy, otherwise, your chances of success will be very small.

Adding a photograph to your CV is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended, in this way, the person who reads it can get a clearer idea of how you are. Of course, remember that your photo must be a passport type and must reflect professionalism, or at least that does not give to understand the opposite. It is also highly recommended to deliver the CV with a motivation letter, in which you must explain why you are interested in working in the company, what your short and long-term objectives are, and what you expect to be able to contribute with your work in the event that you are the chosen candidate.

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