How to Overcome a Job Interview

To overcome a job interview certain skills are required. The good news is that you can learn and practice to succeed in a situation


Tips for Overcoming a Job Interview

No one says it\’s easy to get over a job interview, however, it\’s not an impossible mission. More than anything you have to take care of the presentation, the presence and think well the answers to each question. While we cannot know in advance what they will be consulting, some of the interviewer\’s concerns are similar.

To overcome a job interview, some of the tricks offered by experts in human resources have to do with the previous preparation that is, remembering what previous jobs were exactly, for example.

Taking capabilities into account and being aware of weaknesses is also a good way to give an objective impression of ourselves. Most interviewers ask the same questions to all candidates, and if you have already gone to more than one appointment to get a job, you will know approximately what they want to know. So, remember that you will have some points in favor to overcome a job interview if you are more prepared, beyond what your resume can say.

6 keys to overcome a job interview

Nerves often play tricks, as well as anxiety or uncertainty. What you can do best, besides preparing well, is to be calm and rested, to arrive on time (leave with more anticipation of the home to avoid unforeseen events) and above all, to trust in our own abilities.

\”You will have a few points in favor to overcome a job interview if you are more prepared, beyond what your CV can say.\”

Here are some tips to overcome a job interview that can help you:

  1. Show your strengths: Do not forget to be subtle, do not look like you\’re just there to boast about your achievements. Focus on the merits that are related to the work itself. He speaks arousing interest in the interviewer, tries to persuade him. For this, it is necessary to know you thoroughly.
  2. Use positive language: Do not use too many phrases or words like \”but\” (should be removed from the dictionary). Replace it with a \”plus\”, or an \”I consider that\”, you can also use \”however\”.
  3. Show that you have confidence: Think that a job interview is as if you were a Salesman who wants the potential customer to buy your product. What would you say to that person? Undoubtedly, the positive characteristics. Make the interviewer interested in you and what you have to offer. The best language is always the most direct.
  4. Do not speak ill of others: This is a very important advice to overcome a job interview that not many take into account. For example, when they ask you why you left such a position, do not start saying that your boss was such or such, because it may be a trap and they just want to prove how faithful you can be to the company in case they fire you.
  5. Be versatile, flexible and adapt: Do you think it\’s too much? Well, to overcome a job interview you may need these three factors, among others. It does not mean either to accept anything or to lower yourself, but, yes, to be willing to change certain questions or pretensions, be it a position or a schedule.
  6. Know the environment: Analyze the workplace, how people feel there, what can happen to you on a day-to-day basis, if it is a pleasant or rather hostile environment, etc. Before going to the job interview, a good idea is to look for information about the company, what its objectives are, what they do, if they have subsidiaries abroad, etc.

5 tips to overcome a group job interview

This is one of the increasingly widespread in the world of modalities business because in less time you can know more profiles. This is quite a change in those who go in search of their work. Therefore, if you have never had that experience, take a look at these tips to be able to face a job interview in a group:

  1. Prepare yourself as always: Surely you do not know that it is an individual or group interview, so you should be able to use any modality. You must show your values in a shorter or longer period according to the chosen technique.
  2. Do not get nervous: The other people around you are in the same situation as you. Try to be calm, because nerves or fear are the main enemies of your performance during the job interview. If you show anxiety, they probably do not take you into account.
  3. Participate: That does not mean that you do not allow others to speak, but the idea is to stand out above the rest, always with respect and kindness. To overcome a group work interview, you should not miss participation, contributing something that calls attention to the interviewer.
  4. Learn how to work for the team: Many of these multiple interviews can include a practical exercise, almost always a situation that can be carried out during the work (serving a client is the most frequent). You must know how it is to be part of a group and achieve your goal.

\”Before going to the job interview, a good idea is to look for information about the company, what its objectives are, what they do, if they have subsidiaries abroad, etc.\”

  1. Be yourselfDo not be afraid of making mistakes, do not think about what you can say wrong, but what you say well. When facing a job interview, remember that you have the ability to rectify yourself.

You can overcome a job interview (either individual or group) if you take into account these tips. Remember then to be calm, take advantage of the available minutes to \”sell yourself\” and not fear the flexibility or ductility, which is much appreciated.

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