How to overcome a selection process

The way to get the job can be long and complicated. It is better to be prepared to know the different steps that we can face in a selection process.


Steps to overcome a selection process

It is true that one of the many consequences of the economic contraction is the significant reduction in the labor supply in almost all areas of activity. This makes the nomination of candidates for the jobs available to be much more massive, and in turn, highly competitive.

But the fact of being successful in a selection process, although it becomes more complex in times of crisis, requires a series of techniques and skills that are necessary in any economic situation.

The stages of a selection process

The fundamental techniques and skills that no candidate should neglect during a selection process are the following:

\”We should avoid signs of nervousness, as these may imply to the interviewer that we are insecure people, even if they are not.\”

\”It is important that we do not boast about other jobs and our studies, this does not usually please the interviewers.\”

  • Design a good curriculum: It is the letter of introduction that should open the door of our candidacy among hundreds of applicants. The curriculum should be clear, but at the same time complete, well written, and striking in its structuring, all to awaken the attention of the selectors.
  • Go to the interview with information and good presence:After being informed about the day and time of the interview, it is important that we know the information referring to the job, the philosophy and characteristics of the company, and as far as possible, some information about the trajectory of the person who will interview us. Likewise, it is essential to present ourselves with a fresh and rested appearance and to be dressed formally.
  • Punctuality and security: Punctuality will give us the first point in our favor. The interview may be a group in the first instance, and if so, it will include a personal presentation. Both in this stage and in the personalized interview, we must avoid signs of nervousness, as these may suggest to the interviewer that we are insecure people, even if they are not.
  • Conscious participation in group dynamics: As candidates, we must intervene in a concise and objective manner. In addition, these contributions should enrich the opinions of the other candidates. The arguments or observations that generate interesting debates and referred to issues related to the position, working conditions, etc., will be of great value.
    In another sense, we should never fall into disrespectful attitudes, such as interrupting candidates, interviewers or moderators. Nor avoid the look and smile towards the other participants.
  • Evaluations in the personalized interview: If we have complied verbatim with all the previous steps, we will arrive at the personal interview with a positive image of 80%, but we still have to convince the interviewer in this instance. For this, we must maintain education, humility, and manners at all times.
    It is important that we do not boast about other jobs and our studies; this does not usually please the interviewers.
    Adopt a relaxed attitude during the exchange with the selector. Once again, it is essential to keep your eyes when we answer and listen. It is an unmistakable sign of security and sincerity.
  • Maintain integrity despite fatigue: Once the previous instance has been overcome, we will have to complete the process that our access to the company can mean; a talk with the manager or main boss. Although we will be tired, we must maintain interest, physical and mental integrity, and above all, motivation.

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